Monday, July 7, 2014

Chocolate Vanilla Cream Iced Coffee - Dairy & Sugar Free

Quite some time ago, I replaced traditional cane sugar with things like date sugar, coconut sugar, honey & maple.  I now rarely use the coconut sugar unless I need it for texture purposes and so honey & maple are my usual go-to's.  However, I have been gradually trying to cut back on my usage of those and replace it with stevia when I can because sugar is still sugar.  I was not having a ton of luck with stevia until just recently when I purchased Sweet Drops Vanilla Cream liquid stevia.  I LOVE this flavor!  I actually got the flavor so that I could make a batch of marshmallows sweetened with it and Miss M has no idea they are sugar free.  She loves them.  Win, win, win!  So as I was making myself a glass of iced coffee today I was about to grab the maple when my sweet little bottle of stevia was looking right at me.  Well, if it had eyes then it would have been looking right at me.  Really!  So, I took a chance and decided to try it.   So glad I did because I came up with my new favorite iced coffee drink.  4 simple ingredients, Ice & a few good shakes is all you need to be left with a creamy, slightly frothy & delicious iced coffee.

Chocolate Vanilla Cream Iced Coffee


1/2 C full fat canned coconut milk
apx. 1.5 C cold coffee*
1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder
6 drops of Sweet Drops Vanilla Cream liquid stevia
Lot's of ice


1.) Use a glass mason jar with a lid... the wide mouth pint and a half is what I used here.  Add coconut milk and cocoa powder & stevia drops to the glass jar, and use a mini wire whisk to mix it well.  (this prevents the cocoa powder from clumping or sticking to the lid).

2.)  Fill the jar with ice and then cold coffee.  *I usually keep a pitcher of cold coffee in my fridge.  Sometimes I make it cold brew and sometimes I make it extra strong in my french press and then add lots of ice to cool it fast and make it just right*

3.) screw a lid on your jar & shake, shake, shake Senora, shake it all the time!  (Couldn't help it.  Now the song will be stuck in my head all day.)

Enjoy your icy cold, creamy deliciousness! 

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