Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Balsamic Chicken Tortellini Salad - A Pin Re-Spin Recipe

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

The fourth is generally a day filled with food, family & fun.  Today my family & I are heading over to hubby's grandmother's house for a cook-out.  When I was asked to bring a dish, the first place I went to was my pin board affectionately named "Get In My Belly".  (  After perusing the board for a moment, this recipe (, which I had re-pinned from my friend Brittany about 10 weeks prior, caught my eye.  Cold pasta salads are always a hit at a cookout and this one looked refreshingly different.

But, in typical Amanda-fashion, I had to add my own little spin on the recipe.  So, without further ado, here is my Pin Re-Spin:

*Be sure to visit the original recipe linked above for the ingredient list & original directions* 

1.) I decided to make mine the night before so that the flavors could congeal together overnight.

2.) I kept everything the same on the ingredient list with the exception of, A.) I doubled the recipe & B.) I used Newman's Own LIGHT Balsamic dressing.  It has more zip but, less fat & calories.

3.) The specific brand of dijon I used was Grey Poupon Mild & Creamy Dijon w/ White Wine.

4.) Yellow Peppers:  I diced mine, added salt & pepper and sauteed w/ approximately 1 TblSp. of extra virgin olive oil, uncovered, for about 4 min. stirring frequently.

5.) Chicken Preparation:  I placed my chicken and the dressing into my crock-pot & let marinate for 2 hours prior to turning the unit on.  (During this time, I did all of the other steps, mixed it all together and placed into the fridge).  Then I set the crock-pot to low and let the chicken slow cook overnight while I went to bed.

6.) I woke up to this bubbly goodness this morning (mmmmmm!)...

7.)  I used 2 forks to separate and shred the chicken...nothing to it really since it was so moist & tender.  I gave it a good stir & left the chicken in all of it's liquid glory to cool down to room temperature.  (Pulled Balsamic Chicken Sandwiches anyone?)

8.)  Once it was cooled down and the chicken had soaked up all f that juicy goodness, I tossed it in with the rest of the ingredients and let me just say, my taste-buds were rewarded for patiently waiting!

I hope everyone at the cookout will enjoy this pasta salad but, if not, I know Hubby & I sure will!  :)

Thanks so much to for this tasty & easy recipe!

 Now for a little something to make you giggle.  (Thanks Aimee for sharing this on FB this morning)...

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