Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer is Here! Cool Down w/ this Easy to Make Tasty Treat

Nothing says summer like frozen, sticky bars of high fructose corn syrup drenched in artificial flavors & colors right? NOT!

If you have a couple of Popsicle molds on hand (Target has some cute ones in the $1 section right now...gotta LOVE Target!) then, making your own ice-pops are not only fun, but so much better for you & the kiddos too. You can be as simple or creative as your heart desires. Here are a few suggestions & my ultimate favorite creation thus far...

*Tip: You will find that placing pop-mold into wram water will help loosen your pop & keep the stick in tact...creamier versions will need to thaw a little longer.

Most simple: Fill molds w/ 100% Fruit Juice. (Fruit & Veggie blends like Apple & Eve's Fruitables are also great!) Freeze until solid & enjoy! You will be amazed at how satisfying this simple, treat really is.

Smooth Move: If you happen to be blending up a smoothie for yourself, make a little extra and pour into the molds. I like blending frozen berries, organic yogurt, a banana & unsweet Almond Milk as a smoothie...simple, delicious & no added sugars!

Creamy & Dreamy: You won't believe how guilt free this Chocolate-Banana pop is. This is by far my most favorite pop to date. Mix 1 container of Stonyfield Farms Organic NF Yogurt in Chocolate Underground & 1 container of Stonyfield Farms YoBaby Banana yogurt together....pour into pop molds, freeze and enjoy every last lick sans the guilt!

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