Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love, Love, Love this Diapering System! (My GroBaby Review)

This is a fantastic diapering system! I LOVE the fact that you can re-use the outer shell several times prior to tossing in the wash....this will reduce the wear & tear on the diaper by a TON and I would imagine that when well cared for you could use this system for at least 3 children. The soaker and boosters are amazingly soft. I was skeptical of the booster providing absorbency for overnight sleeping because it was so trim. But, to my pleasant surprise it works wonderfully. I was even more excited to discover that my Flats also worked really well in the shell (basically using the shell as a One Size cover). So that provided a super economical way to get even more diaper changes in.

Because you only need half the amount of shells as soakers this is by far one of the more economical Organic options on the market. Here is a quick comparison:

1 GroBaby Live Diaper Kit - $375
24 Organic Bum Genius - $529.68.
24 Blueberry Minky Bamboo (w/organic cotton) - $791.28
24 Swaddlebees Organic Velor & 12 Blueberry One Size Coveralls - $874.44

The GB Live Diaper Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to cloth diaper 1 child at a time...
12-GroBaby Shells with Organic Cotton snap-in soaker pads and Organic Cotton boosters6-Organic Cotton Snap-In Soaker Pad 2pk2-Organic Cotton boosters 2pk(TOTAL: 12 Shells, 24 Snap in Soakers, 10 Boosters)

And since they are One Size they will grow with your baby, saving you even more money. The only con for me (and this is just personally for me) is that I assumed all of the inner components were Organic cotton but then the shell was causing a rash on my daughters skin. That's when I realized that the inner mesh was polyester. (My daughter has a contact dermatitis to polyester). But, if I lay a flushable liner over the mesh and just lay the soaker inside that seems to work out well for us. (There is really no need to snap the soaker never seems to shift). Also, since the soaker and booster are separate from the shell so, I can use the soaker as an overnight doubler in my Bum Genius Organic Diapers for ULTRA leak protection and the booster at nap time or long car rides for ultra trim absorbency. (Especially since it's summer and she is drinking much more fluids than usual).

If your looking to reduce wear and tear on your existing stash or if your just starting out w/ building a cloth diaper stash this system is a fantastic option to go with.

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