Monday, May 25, 2009

GroBaby Gro!

Well I recently received my very first GroBaby in the mail and I'm waiting for one more to come in the mail before I wash and try them out. But, in the meantime I wanted to share my initial thoughts upon opening my wonderful package of fluff...
The way the diaper comes packaged is very appealing...there is something about great packaging that just makes you want to leave it in the packaging forever....OK not forever, but, you get my drift. I already love it & I have not even tried it. The inserts are amazingly soft and I love that the orange (Mandarin) is a little darker and brighter than my orange Bum Genius diapers (Clementine). Held up to the Bum Genius Organics, it is slightly bigger which is wonderful since my daughter is so tall! And the snaps are super sturdy! The Velcro closures are fantastic!!! Unlike many of the other Velcro closure diapers on the market, this is a micro-Velcro and will not cause pilling or snag the diapers if you forget to put the tabs down. Fantastic! I LOVE the idea of re-using the shell several times...less wear & tear on not just your GroBaby shells but all other covers/AIO'S/Pockets that you may have in your stash. Well that's all until I actually try the diaper. :) (Waiting for Fluff Mail is SOOOOO hard to do!) Stay tuned for more on the meantime go visit this link to check them out...


  1. I love my GroBabys. The Mandarin is the color I do no have - but she said they were going to come out with more colors so I am waiting to see what else they get. :) I cannot wait to hear what you think.

  2. So with the GroBabys, do you reuse the shell over multiple changings or do you have to wash after one use? I like the way that color looks. Aren't cloth just so much more appealing? I love all the bright colors!

  3. You can re-use the shell multiple times which I LOVE! The shell also drys super fast so you NEVER need to put it in the dryer....prolonging the life of the shell. You can re-use the shell 4-5 times and only swap out if it gets soiled by poo. Just officially started using the system yesterday and so far I LOVE it. Will be blogging more on GB soon!