Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love, Love, Love this Diapering System! (My GroBaby Review)

This is a fantastic diapering system! I LOVE the fact that you can re-use the outer shell several times prior to tossing in the wash....this will reduce the wear & tear on the diaper by a TON and I would imagine that when well cared for you could use this system for at least 3 children. The soaker and boosters are amazingly soft. I was skeptical of the booster providing absorbency for overnight sleeping because it was so trim. But, to my pleasant surprise it works wonderfully. I was even more excited to discover that my Flats also worked really well in the shell (basically using the shell as a One Size cover). So that provided a super economical way to get even more diaper changes in.

Because you only need half the amount of shells as soakers this is by far one of the more economical Organic options on the market. Here is a quick comparison:

1 GroBaby Live Diaper Kit - $375
24 Organic Bum Genius - $529.68.
24 Blueberry Minky Bamboo (w/organic cotton) - $791.28
24 Swaddlebees Organic Velor & 12 Blueberry One Size Coveralls - $874.44

The GB Live Diaper Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to cloth diaper 1 child at a time...
12-GroBaby Shells with Organic Cotton snap-in soaker pads and Organic Cotton boosters6-Organic Cotton Snap-In Soaker Pad 2pk2-Organic Cotton boosters 2pk(TOTAL: 12 Shells, 24 Snap in Soakers, 10 Boosters)

And since they are One Size they will grow with your baby, saving you even more money. The only con for me (and this is just personally for me) is that I assumed all of the inner components were Organic cotton but then the shell was causing a rash on my daughters skin. That's when I realized that the inner mesh was polyester. (My daughter has a contact dermatitis to polyester). But, if I lay a flushable liner over the mesh and just lay the soaker inside that seems to work out well for us. (There is really no need to snap the soaker never seems to shift). Also, since the soaker and booster are separate from the shell so, I can use the soaker as an overnight doubler in my Bum Genius Organic Diapers for ULTRA leak protection and the booster at nap time or long car rides for ultra trim absorbency. (Especially since it's summer and she is drinking much more fluids than usual).

If your looking to reduce wear and tear on your existing stash or if your just starting out w/ building a cloth diaper stash this system is a fantastic option to go with.

Monday, May 25, 2009

GroBaby Gro!

Well I recently received my very first GroBaby in the mail and I'm waiting for one more to come in the mail before I wash and try them out. But, in the meantime I wanted to share my initial thoughts upon opening my wonderful package of fluff...
The way the diaper comes packaged is very appealing...there is something about great packaging that just makes you want to leave it in the packaging forever....OK not forever, but, you get my drift. I already love it & I have not even tried it. The inserts are amazingly soft and I love that the orange (Mandarin) is a little darker and brighter than my orange Bum Genius diapers (Clementine). Held up to the Bum Genius Organics, it is slightly bigger which is wonderful since my daughter is so tall! And the snaps are super sturdy! The Velcro closures are fantastic!!! Unlike many of the other Velcro closure diapers on the market, this is a micro-Velcro and will not cause pilling or snag the diapers if you forget to put the tabs down. Fantastic! I LOVE the idea of re-using the shell several times...less wear & tear on not just your GroBaby shells but all other covers/AIO'S/Pockets that you may have in your stash. Well that's all until I actually try the diaper. :) (Waiting for Fluff Mail is SOOOOO hard to do!) Stay tuned for more on the meantime go visit this link to check them out...

Freshen Up! (UPDATED 6/3/09)

For cloth diapering mama's everywhere, here are some quick and easy tips to "Freshen Up".

Wipes Warmer Maintenance

If your a cloth diapering mama & use a wipes warmer it's essential to perform a regular maintenance cleaning on your wipes warmer...preferably once a week. Over time, all of that warm moist water allows mold and bacteria to breed. I learned this the hard way when I went too long between cleanings, causing my daughter to get a bacterial diaper rash (I'm positive the unclean warmer was a huge trigger for this) which then turned to a yeast rash due to the antibiotic cream. So I have become a stickler for cleaning the warmer out on a weekly basis.

I use my homemade all purpose cleaner and a toothbrush (designated for household cleaning) to really clean all of the crevasses. NO BLEACH! (I get so paranoid that traces of the bleach would remain causing harm to my daughters ultra sensitive skin). My All Purpose cleaner is 50% vinegar which has been proven to kill well over 80% of mold and vinegar rinses clean very quickly. After that I also use a small amount of my daughters Little Twig unscented bubble bath to get some good clean sudsing action. I like to make sure it's REALLY clean. :)

Easy Breezy Oder Control

I keep soiled diapers in a FuzziBunz In & Out Mess Free Wet Bag hanging on the back of the bathroom door and I keep barrier cloths (when I use ointment) in a plastic bin, also in the bathroom. Even with laundering the diapers and cloths every other day there can often be a lingering aroma of ammonia in the air. Rather than buying the fancy pouches or devices with baking soda in them, I just keep it simple and ultra inexpensive. I just use a small cup and fill 1/2 way w/ pure baking soda and I place it on the shelf next to the barrier cloths (since they are less contained than the diapers). Baking soda dose a wonderful job at absorbing excess odor and keeping the air fresher. (Actually my daughter threw up all over the car one day and even after cleaning the upholstery you could still smell I sprinkled baking soda all over and left it for 1 could not smell anything.)

Because it's just a small amount of baking soda and it's in an open container, it needs to be refreshed often in order to remain effective. I usually give it a quick stir with my finger once a day to bring the bottom part up and at the end of the week I dump it into the toilet (let it stay for a will help deodorize it too) and then I put fresh baking soda in the cup. Quick, simple & effective!

Fragrant & Soothing Wipes Solution

I place 1 tsp. of Little Twig unscented bubble bath and 2 drops of tea tree oil into a bowl. Then I boil 2 1/8 cups of water and pour it over 1/4 cup of loose lavender in a separate bowl or cup and cover. I let the lavender steep for about 10 min. Then I pour the lavender water through a sieve into the bowl w/ the other ingredients, gently pressing the excess moisture out of the lavender. Then I gently stir to blend all ingredients. Then I pour the entire solution over the dry wipes in the wipes warmer. UPDATE: *But do not plug in/use the warming feature as the heat mixed w/ the oils will cause the cloths to blacken. If you use a storage container other than a wipes warmer that's also perfect. (I previously suggested using 2 tsp. of the Little Twig BB however I was finding it to be a little too sudsy. If I had the bath wash as opposed to Bubble Bath 2 tsp. would probably be fine but BB suds up much more than bath wash/shampoo. )

The lavender water is very fragrant and calming and since it sits in the wipes warmer it allows the aroma to release into the nursery making it smell lovely...naturally.

Rather than tossing the brewed lavender, I place it in a small cup and set it in the bathroom where I store the dirty continues to release it's naturally fragrant aroma into the air even after being brewed. I make fresh solution every 2-3 days so I replace the old lavender w/ new and toss the old into a plant as natural compost. Putting nature back with nature.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's the Little Things

It's no secret that I love Coffee. It's not about "I need coffee" as much as it is about the fact that I genuinely enjoy a good cup of coffee. (And once you have had truly GOOD coffee, Starbucks just wont measure up).

Well today, I was in the mood for something more chocolaty but I did not want to add something sugary and full of calories. Then I can up with the idea to add some of my Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Powder (100% Caco) to my coffee...about 1 teaspoon to a large cup. It was truly heaven in a gave my coffee a rich decadent chocolaty flavor but only added less then 1/4 gram of fat and zero grams of sugar.  Then I just add my own desired form of sweetener (which changes from day to day as I rotate between coconut sugar, flavored syrup, flavored coconut coffee creamer etc.)  This really made my day.

It's the little things like this that make me want to sing & dance.

*Funny thing I just thought about....Women are known for their love of chocolate (generally speaking) so, is it any wonder that Hershey's is a combination of two feminine words....HER - SHE -y's. Just thought I would point that out.